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Frequently asked questions

    • What is EasyInvite?

      EasyInvite is a simple solution to invite guests for your event through email. Your guests wil receive your custom email invitation and just have to click a button to indicate if they'll attend the event. Easyinvite keeps track of the stats. You can also send reminders, RSVPs and other mails to your guests.

    • I've heard of EasyInvite before. Is that possible?

      You just might have. We've been operating in The Netherlands and Belgium with a Dutch only version on easyinvite.nl for a few years. That version is gone now in favor of this complete makeover. If you want to use EasyInvite in Dutch then you can change your region in the top-right corner of the page.

    • For what kind of events can I use EasyInvite?

      You can use EasyInvite for any event. It is regularly used for company events, BBQs, anniversaries, sport events and of course any kind of party.

      To help you get started we've created some example invitations centered around several themes. You can use any of these and change them to your liking.

    • What kind of messages can I send with EasyInvite?

      When you create a new event it will always have an Invitation. That's a special message type that will be sent to the entire guest list and have the attendance buttons.

      Besides the invitation you can send other messages as well. We have them in 3 flavors:

      1. Reminder
      This mail type will also have to attendance buttons, but will only be sent to guests who have not yet responded to the invitation or earlier reminders. In our experience a good number of reminders to send is 2.

      2. Mail to attending guests
      Send a message to all the guests that will be attending your event. Perfect for last-minute event info or "thank you" messages. This mail type will not show the attendance buttons.

      3. Mail to all guests
      Send a message to everyone on the guest list. Perfect for RSVPs. This mail type will not show the attendance buttons.

    • I don't exactly know who my guests will be. Can I use EasyInvite in this case?

      No, EasyInvite is not the perfect solution in this scenario. EasyInvite needs to know about every guests individually (but multiple guests can be added with the same email address) so we can send personalized messages and keep stats on each individual guest.

      But EasyInvite doesn't support open invitations which allow you to send one email to a company and have any interested person register themselves for the event. If you would try that, then only the last person to click on the attendance buttons would be registered.

    • Who created EasyInvite?

      EasyInvite is a product of Interactive Studios, based in the beautiful south of The Netherlands (which, and this might come as a surprise, consists of more than just Amsterdam ;) ).

    • How is EasyInvite delivered?

      As you might have guessed, EasyInvite is not a physical product, but a pure internet service. EasyInvite is free as long as you don't have more than 10 people on your guest list. You can pay to add more people to the list.

      If the payment is accepted by the bank of payment provider, the upgrade will be available immediately. Usually this is instant, but if the validation doesn't come through or takes a while, the event will not be upgraded. In this case you'll receive a notification and you can try again.

      If you don't trust the situation, don't hesitate to contact us.

    • What about privacy?

      EasyInvite handles customer data with care. Not only your data, but also your guests' data.

      We will never send other messages than the ones you wanted to send to your guests. We won't sell your guests' data to third parties or use them to send spam to.

      All the data in EasyInvite is stored in The Netherlands and all sensitive data is encrypted.

      To send mail we use Sendgrid, one of the biggest mail services in the world, which is based in the United States. When sending mails, the email addresses will be stored there temporarily to generate stats and handle mail events (like opening a mail and clicking a link in the mail).

      EasyInvite is developed by Interactive Studios. Interactive Studios is ISO27001 certified (which is a standard for information security).

    • What are these characters called that are on every page?

      We call them the EasyInvaders or Invaders for short. Yup it's cheesy, but we needed to call them something when discussing their adventures throughout EasyInvite.

    • Can I buy Invader action figures somewhere?


    • How do I create a new event?

      If you don't have an account yet, you can start by clicking the "Create an invitation" button on our homepage. There you can select a theme after which you'll see some example invitations that you can adjust to your liking.

      If you already have an account then you can also create a new event from the My Events page.

    • How do I remove my event?

      If you're logged in to your account you can navigate to the event you want to delete, go to its settings tab and click the Delete Event button. This will irreversibly delete the event and you'll lose all the data related to the event.

    • How do I get guests on my guest list?

      There are 2 methods to get people on your guest list.

      Adding one by one manually
      On the Guests tab is a button to manually add guests. You'll get a simple form that you'll have to fill out once per guest. You can save the form with one of two buttons. One will send you back to the list of guests while the other will send you to a new form to immediately add another guest.

      Import guests from an Excel file
      If you already have a guest list in Excel or can easily generate one, then this is the preferred method of adding guests. We don't have many requirements for the list except that every guest needs to be on an individual row. And a tip: the simpler the file, the faster EasyInvite can handle it and the smaller the chances of anything going wrong.

      In the first import step you select the file. EasyInvite will analyse the contents and show you the first 10 lines. You can then choose the information in each column at the top of each column. If there is a row with headers you can use the select box in front of the row to ignore that row. After proceeding, the guests will be imported to your guest list, which might take a while if it's a list with thousands of people.

      While we call this an Excel import, you can also import CSV files (which you can export with Excel or Numbers). That's actually even better since it's a simpler format. EasyInvite can handle CSV files faster and chances of anything going wrong shrink as well.

    • Which information do I need to provide per guest?

      We need to have at least an unique email address.

      Besides that you can also add a name and company name which makes identifying guests easier. You can also use this data to personalize messages to your guests.

    • My event has a specific date after which no one can register anymore. Can EasyInvite help here?

      Yes, in Settings you'll find a "Stop accepting registrations for this event” checkbox under General settings. When you check that box, a guest's click on one of the buttons in the invitation will not register their click anymore. They also won't see the "Thank you” text anymore, but a message you can specify in the text box that popped up when you checked the box.

    • Can I use multiple EasyInvite events for a single event?

      No, we don't allow that. If you create multiple events so you can use each of them for the 10 free invites, it's possible that we'll remove these events.

      It is however allowed to have multiple EasyInvite events for a single real-life event if you'd want to invite specific groups of people. For example your wedding guests who'll be there the entire day and just those who'll attend the party in the evening. Or if you want to send an invite in different languages, like one for your local and another for your international business relations.

    • How can I customize my invitation?

      You can change the colors and main image. You can optionally upload your own logo. The general layout of your invitation is fixed, but we provide many examples with different layouts that you can use as a starting point.

      If you send more emails than just the invitation, then you can use a different image in each mail if you desire.

      Of course you can also edit all text in every email.

    • My guests see some text after they clicked a button in the mail. Can I change this?

      Log in and go to your event. On the Settings tab you can change several of these texts.

      Present message
      Guests who click "Yes, I'll be there" will see this.

      Not present message
      Guests who click "Yes, I'll be there" will see this.

      Status change confirm message
      If a guest has indicated a certain status but (accidentally) changes it by clicking the other button in the mail, they will see this message to make sure their presence is/stays correctly registered.

    • I have already sent my invitation, but now I have more guests. What should I do?

      This is no problem. After sending a mail you will notice the Check & Send button disappearing. As soon as you add new guests the button will reappear. If you send the invitation again, it will only be sent to the new guests.

      Caution: if you send out reminder mails, then the recently added guests will receive those mails as well. As a result, they might receive the invitation and a reminder on the same day.

    • Can I ask my guests additional questions?

      Yes, you can add questions within the Questions tab for each event. In this FAQ we also have an "Ask questions" tab with more information.

    • Will my invitation always be received?

      Unfortunately that answer is no. We do everything we can to make sure all your invitations get delivered (and to be clear: this almost always happens), but we can't guarantee delivery. Some mailboxes are configured in such a way that only mail from known addresses will pass through the spam filter. Keep that in mind.

      The chance of invitations getting delivered is high if you follow these tips.

      We've carefully crafted and tested our templates and sending process to make sure we get the lowest spam score possible. But this score is still influenced by the contents of your mail. So make sure this is not considered "spammy".

      The second very important point is the sender of your mail. The default is to send the mails from one of our @easyinvite.me addresses, but we make sure replies go to you anyway. You can change this to your own address, but then mail services like Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail won't accept these mails. You could configure SPF records for your mail domain (if you own the domain name) to increase the likely hood of mail we send in your name to arrive. Contact support@easyinvite.me for the exact settings.

      Good to know is that EasyInvite notices bounced emails en marks these addresses on the guest list. Mail can bounce because of several reasons, but usually because an email address was incorrectly entered or doesn't exist anymore. It's also possible that a mailbox is full in which case EasyInvite tries to deliver it again every hour or so for a day.

    • Can I provide you with my own mail template?

      No, that's not possible. Usually this is not needed because you can change any of the examples we provide to suit you. Especially the image gives you many possibilities to give your invitation your own look.

    • Can you create a custom template for me?

      No, that's not possible. Usually this is not needed because you can change any of the examples we provide to suit you. Especially the image gives you many possibilities to give your invitation your own look.

    • I want to send a different image in my Thank you mail, is that possible?

      Yes. You can change the image and text for every mail you send.

      Changing the colors and logo in mails other than the invitation is not possible to give your guests a sense of consistency among your mails.

    • Can I personalize the mails?

      Yes. When editing text you will see a Personalize button which looks like this: {}

      When you click that, you can add several replacement tags. They look a bit cryptic, but they will be replaced in the actual mails sent to your guests with the relevant data.

    • How can I be sure the personalization actually works?

      If you send an example invitation to an email address thats on the guest list, we will populate the example with that data.

      If you send an example to an address not on the list, we will replace the tags with example content like "Preview name". If you don't see any tags anymore, the personalisations is working.

    • Can I invite multiple people with the same email address?

      No, we understand the that this is sometimes useful, and we tried to get this to work, but in the end decided it was better to leave out this feature.

      The problem is that most mail systems filter out multiple mails to the same address that look a lot alike, which is the case with these invitations. Because we can't predictably or reliably deliver invitations in this case we have removed this feature.

      What you can do, is use the Questions feature. You then treat the email address as one person and ask with how many people they will attend the event.

    • Can I ask my guests additional questions?

      Yes, you can add questions within the Questions tab for each event. In this FAQ we also have an "Ask questions" tab with more information.

    • Can I have three buttons in my invitation?

      No, but you'd probably want to do that to gather more information about your guests (or their party). You can use Questions for that. See the "Ask Questions” section in the FAQ.

    • Can I use EasyInvite for free?

      Yes. As long as you don't have more than 10 guests on your guest list usage is absolutely free. If you would like to expand the spots on the guest list you can do this in steps of 10 or 100 people.

    • Which payment methods does EasyInvite accept?

      We accept credit cards and several local European payment methods. After paying your upgrade will automatically be applied.

      EasyInvite accepts the following payment options:

      • Creditcard
      • iDeal (popular in The Netherlands)
      • Bancontact (popular in Belgium)
      • Giropay (popular in Germany)
      • Paysafecard
    • Can I contact you about my payment?

      Yes. You can use our contact form below or call us: 0031 73 644 6069

    • Can I ask my guests additional questions

      Yes, you can add questions within the Questions tab for each event.

    • How will me guests be asked those questions?

      Everyone who clicks the button in the invitation (or reminder) to indicatie they will be attending the event will be shown the list of questions. This page will have the same design as your invitation.

      After they have answered all the questions and saved them, they will be shown the "Present message” that can be changed on the Settings tab.

      Guests who don't attend the event will not be asked the questions and they'll be shown the "Not present message”.

    • What kind of questions can I ask?

      You can ask questions that can be answered with:

      • A short text response
      • A long text response
      • A single choice from multiple options
      • Multiple choices from multiple options
    • Can I change the text above a the list of questions?

      Yes. Just edit the text in the text area above the questions on the Questions tab in your event.

    • Can I preview the questions?

      Yes. At the bottom of the Questions tab (under the list of questions) is a round button with an eye icon. Click it to see a preview of the questions.

    • Can I reorder the questions?

      Yes. You can reorder questions by dragging questions with the drag handle at the top of a question block. Those are the 6 blue dots.

    • Can I reorder options for multiple choice or checkbox questions?

      Yes. You can reorder options by dragging them to a specific position by using the drag handles after an option. Those are the 6 blue dots.

    • How do I remove a question?

      Click on a question to edit it. In the bottom right you'll see a small blue trashcan icon. Click that to remove the question.

    • What happens when I remove a question after some guests have already answered it?

      You will lose all the answers given by your guests for that specific question.

      If you remove an option for a specific question, you will also lose all the answers for that question.

    • I made a question required, how is this enforced?

      Unfortunately we can't completely enforce this. We can only make sure that if someone submits answers certain questions are required.

      When someone clicks the "I'll attend” button, we save that answer and show them the questions you entered. Since these questions are entered through a webpage, a guest can simply close the browser and no answers will be saved. If the guest clicks the "Save answers” button, then they'll get notified of any required questions.

      We do save the "will attend” answer even if a guest doesn't answer the questions simply because it's more important to have some information than nothing at all. Also, the guest answered that they'll attend, so they expect that to be communicated to the organiser.

    • There are frequently asked questions besides the questions. Is there some kind of inception going on?

      Not that we know of. The frequently asked questions are questions that we see getting asked a lot (what a surprise). Because of this, we've made them available to everyone with one click. Simply click "Add” behind one of the questions you'd like to add and it'll get added instantly including all the relevant answer options.

    • Where can I see the answers my guests have given?

      You can view answers in several places.

      The main place is the Stats tab. There you'll see an overview of the attendance stats, but also an overview of the stats for every question. Here you can also check which guest gave which answer.

      The second place is by checking an individual guest on the Guests tab. Just click on someones name and below the guest info is a list of answers. Here you can also change the answer that guest gave for a specific question.

      The last place is in the guest list export. Every time you make an export, you'll get a CSV file you can open in Excel which has all the guest data and answer up to that point.

    • Can I change the answer someone has given?

      Yes. Go the the Guests tab, find the guest and click it's name. Below the guest info is the list of questions and their answer. Click the "Edit answer” button to edit the answer for that specific guest.

Contact us

If you have any questions you can also contact us by phone on 0031 73 644 6069 or through email: support@easyinvite.me